Moustache and Beard Cream

A super exclusive moustache and beard cream prepared to suit all kinds of skin and support the perfect growth and care of the beard. Supports faster, stronger and healthier facial hair growth!

Rs. 999/-

Beard Cream
100 ml
Rs. 999/-

TRIMHAIR™r Moustache and Beard Cream is an exclusive formula prepared to stimulate beard growth along with managing its cleanliness and complete moisturization. Prepared from the organic formula combining Phyllanthus Embilca, Aloe Barbadians and Wheat Germ Beard Cream, Natural Protein & vitamin E, this Beard Cream exhibits visible results from the first weeks of its use, itself. Regular usage of the product ensures natural metabolism restoration, improved skin condition along with enriched nourishment for soft and smooth skin. Enriching even the deepest roots of facial hair, the cream automatically increases the volume of facial hair in the growth stage, itself. The quality and effectiveness of this amazing Moustache and Beard Cream will surely make you fall in love with this product featuring and extra soft and well-groomed beard.

Key features and benefits
• Best suited for beard and moustache growth along with an extended skin care
• Hydrates, moisturises and cleanses the beard hair

How to use:
• Can be applied 2 to 3 times a day covering the beard and moustache area
• Always wash your hair thoroughly before applying the cream
• Directly apply a little amount of the cream around your beard and moustache area
• However, it is recommended to use the product once in the morning and next during the night.

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I utilize this brand for quite a while. This oil makes the hair alive, delicate, smooth, brittle, gives a superb sparkle to the hair, does not heavier or stick the hair, the tips are delicate and don't part. Flawlessly considerations and development of my hair. The cost legitimizes the quality, take it securely, you won't think twice about it!)


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I extremely like Beard Cream!!) Hair after 2 compound waving and shading looked, I'll say delicately, not in particular. They were tangled and stuck together amid the day. Presently it's anything but difficult to scratch, and the hair started to look all around prepared hair to the hair, and nothing sticks together, even by night)


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Makes the hair very much prepped, sparkling! Much thanks to your store, it's pleasant to work with you, quick and quality conveyance! Indeed, from the brand Trim Hair Beard Oil I'm charmed! This oil is utilized mostly on the tips in the wake of washing before drying and after, my hair is thin just beneath the shoulders only one push, does not make it heavier, makes the hair very much prepped, glossy….


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Super outcome! Beard Cream from hair development for quite a while needed to experiment with a considerable measure of introduced, yet at the same time did not trust that they truly are powerful. I'm content with the Trim Hair Beard cream, I'll keep utilizing it further….


It is extremely pleasant I don't know whether the develop, it's anything but a marvelous item however great quality and leaves the beard delicate and with great. Prescribed!!.


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Quicker than streak!, I got it yesterday morning and today it was at that point in goose. 100% prescribed, great item I utilize a while back and something more beard there.


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Magnificent item, despite everything I didn't see noteworthy changes however I evaluate that the season of utilization is short, the beard stays fantastic and with regular scent, I suggest it


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It's Truly Works! It's anything but an enchantment scale yet following the directions the outcomes begin to show up. Truly prescribed, I will get it again later on.

devraj.manoj - 2018-01-22

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I love this product has a great smell and provide beard bright and very soft. it is a fixed product in my bathroom. I recommend it, try it!


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The product is good, it does not irritate the skin and it works. Very good product, meets expectations.