Beard & Mooch Growth Oil- Buy 1 Get 2 Free

Elite TRIMHAIR™ Beard Oil gives an ideal way to hydrate, amplify and improve the hair sensibility, softness, shine and offers the most solid look for your perfect beard needs.

Rs. 1799/-

Beard & Mooch Oil- Buy 1 Get 2 Free
10 ml
Rs. 1799/-

TRIMHAIR™ Beard Oil offers the best way to nourish and soften your beard hairs for a super soft velvety touch. This product is the best gift you can give your beard to amplify the growth of even dense and healthy beard hair. This miraculous Beard Oil's stimulates the hormones responsible for dense beard hair growth. Enriched with superfine organic components like- Phyllanthus Embilca, Aloe Barbadians and Wheat Germ Beard Oil, Natural Protein & vitamin E, this Hydrating Beard Oil is an exclusive collection for perfect growth of beard hair and suppresses hair fall to the greatest extent. Promoting exceptional hydration, it automatically stimulates the hair manageability factor along with proffered health and shine of the beard hair. It deeply moisturizes the skin cells, strengthening the roots for a highly accelerated hair growth as a result of better blood circulation and strengthened hair follicles responsible for smooth and soft hair.

Key features and benefits
• Promotes healthy growth of the beard hairs
• Effectively reduces the cause of redness, itchiness and irritation leaving behind soft and shiny beard hair on your face to feel proud on
• Deeply moisturizes the skin along with strengthening the hair roots for an accelerated growth
• Keeps your beard appear even more attractive and superfine
• trengthens the overall blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles, smoothens and softens hair

How to use:
• Dab dry the beard completely after a complete wash using a clean towel.
• Now, pour a few drops of the oil, gently rub it between the palms.
• Rub the oil gently all through your beard in the top to bottom fashion.
• Don’t forget to brush your beard with a gentle comb or a brush to give the right shape and edgy look.
• Repeat the same twice a day for best results (morning after shower and night before bed)

Customer Reviews (334)

- 2018-07-03

Verified Purchase

Nice Bread Oil! I have thin, clarified hair, a little dry. This oil moisturizes well, while not heavier. Adds brilliance. Hair becomes softer, smoother. The oil smells very nice. I have long wanted to try it and did not regret buying it..

Wonderful properties of this oil 2018-07-03

Verified Purchase

I am 23 years old. His hair was damaged. Dry ends, fat at the roots! Hair length is also damaged. I heard a lot about the wonderful properties of this oil, about the restoration, about nutrition, about shine and protection of hair! The hair after it is smooth, soft, docile, oil gives hair shine! Hair looks well-groomed! I will have it for a long time, the expense is economical! I really liked it! I am pleased.

Perfectly cares and growth of my hair 2018-09-11

Verified Purchase

I really like oil !!) Hair after 2 chemical waving and coloring looked, I'll say softly, not very much. They were tangled and stuck together during the day. Now it's easy to scratch, and the hair began to look well-groomed hair to the hair, and nothing sticks together, even by evening)

I really this oil- 2018-01-05

Verified Purchase

I really like oil !!) Hair after 2 chemical waving and coloring looked, I'll say softly, not very much. They were tangled and stuck together during the day. Now it's easy to scratch, and the hair began to look well-groomed hair to the hair, and nothing sticks together, even by evening)

Makes the hair well-groomed, shiny- 2018-01-08

Thank you very much to your store, it's nice to work with you, fast and quality delivery! Well, from the brand Trim Hair Beard Oil I'm delighted! This oil is used mainly on the tips after washing before drying and after, my hair is thin just below the shoulders just one push, does not make it heavier, makes the hair well-groomed, shiny.

Super result!- 2018-01-09

Verified Purchase

Beard Oil from hair growth for a long time wanted to try out a lot of presented, but still did not believe that they really are effective. I'm happy with the Trim Hair Beard Oil, I'll continue using it further.

suryaraisingsun - 2018-01-10

Verified Purchase

I am getting itching and became dull my hair after 7 Days applied. Liquid is not coming from the bottle hole due to some particles inside, is it duplicate product or original? please suggest anybody to me to proceed further. i am going to marry this year.

sk_kannan04 - 2018-01-11

Verified Purchase

I started using the oil with half mind but to my surprise, new hair started coming from the bald areas by end of second week that too at faster rate. I confidently comb my hair now and then with least worry on hairfall. This product have changed my confidence level and vvoiding any shampoo products will increase the effect as far as I have seen. I strongly recommend this to others as well.

devraj.manoj - 2018-01-21

Verified Purchase

I have used 3 bottles so far and I will surely recommend this product. 10dayshairoil is best for dandruff, hair fall reduces drastically and new hair also grow. Do not expect that you’ll get back all your lost hair overnight. Complete hair restoration might not be possible but don’t you find this product worthy if it saves your existing hair and re-grows some hair. I crush one piece of garlic in the oil every day and then apply on the scalp. As garlic also effectively treat hair loss. There are some negative reviews here as I also think that it may not suit to everyone. But in my case its working. I would like to suggest to every teenager to take care of your hair as early as possible. Do not wait till last moment. The earlier you start caring your hair, the thicker your hair will be.

ARVIND - 2018-06-04

Verified Purchase

I am speechless. This oil is a miracle. My review will give hope to lakh of people who are in fourtees and suffering from hair loss. I am a 48 years old. My upper head part was almost bald and I had no hope of getting them back. Even 10dayshairoil customer care was also not sure that I will get any help. I just purchased it to stop any further hair loss by seeing the positive reviews . I have just used 1 and half bottles in last 2 months and see the magic. Hair fall completely stopped . Hair has become more black and thick. Surprisingly half of the bald area is covered with new hair. Amazing. Believe me it's 100 PERCENT true.