Hair & Scalp Serum With Root ReGrowth- Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Perfect Hair and Scalp Serum with root regrowth solution for dull, dry and damaged hair - provides hair growth, increase hair volume, reduces hair loss, smooth, natural shine and healthy looks.

Rs. 1999/-

Scalp Serum- Buy 1 Get 1 Free
100 ml
Rs. 1999/-

TRIMHAIR™ Oil is a hair regrowth with argan oil formulation especially created to stimulate hair growth. Made with Phyllanthus Embilca, Aloe Barbadians and Wheat Germ Oil, Natural Protein & vitamin E, this Hydrating Oil exclusive with Anti Hair Fall Property-provides optimal hydration, increase hair manageability, smooth, shine & healthy looks. You can see results from the first weeks of use. Its helps you to completely restore your hair, it contains the best components of the highest quality to leave your hair with an excellent appearance. Do not give up, try this oil that help hair growth and which will surely make you look long and beautiful hair..

Key features and benefits
• Assistant in hair growth.
• Increase hair volume and thickening of hair.
• Stops the early fall
• Help hair grow naturally and look healthy and strong

How to use:
• Dry your hair completely with a towel
• Apply hair oil on the scalp with a massage of circular movements until its total absorption.
• Do not rinse.
• Styling your hair in a normal way.
• For best results, use 2 times in day.

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The best oil for the care of your hair! Excellent quality with the best raw material that can be obtained, handmade and good. I will again buy without hesitation to buy your products!


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The product is excellent, super hair growth oil. 100% original! I recommend Highly recommended it.


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Good product as always from this brand. Excellent product! the benefits of its use are immediately noticeable….


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Professional quality! I love this product and it is very rewarding! it has a professional level !. Great...It made my hair very beautiful, it helps a lot. ….


Very good. Excellent. Very Useful for hair growth and super soft and shiny.


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Very nice I liked it and effective at very good price.


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It gave me good results! It is very good product


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I recommend highly recommended it. Ideal and delicate to hair growth.


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Very good product...Trim hair oil is giving me very good results. It was what I expected.


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Excellent product, provide me hair very soft and solid look, I recommend it!!!.