Morocco Argon Oil- Buy 1 Get 1 Fre

This super exclusive TRIMHAIR™ Serum well enriched with Morocco Argon oil is an exceptional way to intensely repair and revitalizes dry and damaged hair. Boosting the hair growth, it works magically against hair fall and enriches every strand of hair with optimal hydration, better manageability, smoothness, shine and complete health for a saloon style hair.

Rs. 1899/-

Serum- Buy 1 Get 1 Free
100 ml
Rs. 1899/-

TRIMHAIR™ Intensive Repair & Revitalize Serum is a total damage and hair healthcare treatment for toning dry and damaged hair. The regular usage of the product results in making hair ready for every style. It not just hydrates and restores your hair and beard, but also keeps hair health in complete tone. Right from the firm fix to an excellent appearance, this is an amazing product that adds perfect shine and helps in styling your of hair as you have ever wished for. Provides shine, reduces itching and attacks frizz. Its excellent natural components such as- Phyllanthus Embilca, Aloe Barbadians and Wheat Germ Oil, Natural Protein & vitamin E, helps in reducing the scalp itchiness, hair frizz and adds the extra shine you have always tempted for. The natural ingredients do not have any side effects and this makes its effect even more favourable along with keeping your scalp clean.

Key features and benefits
• Helps restore the natural shine and lustre of hair and beard without any side effects
• Gives a long-lasting hydration for both the scalp and hair along with reduced dryness
• Imparts an attractive appearance to both hair and beard

How to use:
• Apply a small amount of Hair Serum on to your palm
• Emulsify the solution in your hands.
• Now apply the serum all over the hair by making fair distribution of the strands right from the roots.

Customer Reviews (334)


Verified Purchase

Brilliant item, despite everything I didn't see huge changes however I evaluate that the season of utilization is short, the hair stays fantastic and with common aroma, I suggest it .


Verified Purchase

It's anything but an enchantment scale yet following the directions the outcomes begin to show up. Truly suggested, I will get it again later on.


Verified Purchase

Great...Very great!! It scrubs your face and causes you that the hairs that cost them to be conceived, turned out better! ….

sujithsvs3 - 2018-01-05

Verified Purchase

The best brand for the care of your hair! Good item quality and introduction. You can see the high quality submit it. Unmatched! ….

saravanapandiyaneee - 2018-01-08

Serum battles well with dandruff, hair light and cumbersome. Reasonable for dry hair. I utilize each day. Like all items with weeds, it is very useful for dry hair - the hair gets a strange sheen and plush. Extremely happy with the buy.

prasannahere - 2018-01-09

Verified Purchase

Cleans, battles with misfortune, animates development. I utilize this serum. A standout amongst the best chemicals for sleek hair. I apply each day. The scalp is exceptionally very much purged, it backs off male pattern baldness. Plant parts animate their development. Hair develops like a jump. My beautician isn't upright. Take it, you won't think twice about it. High-quality items.

suryaraisingsun - 2018-01-10

Verified Purchase

I utilize Serum 1 months. I used to utilize diverse organizations previously ... presently I trust that beauty care products truly attempts to take out my issues with sleek and dull hair ... at last my hair is not any more oily and awe-inspiring

sk_kannan04 - 2018-01-11

Verified Purchase

I have tried this product because it usually curls my hair and I recommend it goes great and the result is instant, needless to say it has its fabulous smell, I recommend it absolutely. It smells great and I leave your hair great. I recommend it to everyone.

devraj.manoj - 2018-01-21

Verified Purchase

I have tried many products against frizz and none worked for me, but this time yes! It has been great and it smells great. Super recommendable. I use it daily a few weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and I love it. It can be noticed very quickly how the hair improves.

ARVIND - 2018-06-04

Verified Purchase

Brilliant outcome the best item, I would just change the dropper, the amazing outcomes.