Hair Shampoo Nizoral Anti-Dandruff

Hair Shampoo Nizoral Anti-Dandruff

Exclusive TRIMHAIR™ anti-dandruff shampoo is a potent natural remedy developed especially for clean, nourish and soft and increase hair. Carefully clean the scalp and reduce hair loss.

Rs. 999/-

100 ml
Rs. 999/-

TRIMHAIR™ Hydrating Shampoo for the care of dry and weakened hair or damaged hair. Delicately cleans, nourishes and softens hair. Highly concentrated formula enriched with Phyllanthus Embilca, Aloe Barbadians and Wheat Germ Oil, Natural Protein & vitamin E, this Hydrating Shampoo exclusive with Anti Hair Fall Property-provides optimal hydration, increase hair manageability, smooth, shine & healthy looks. Do not make your hair heavier and give them a healthy shine. Does not contain parabens, silicones and dyes. As a result of the Trim Hair Hydrating Shampoo, the hair receives the necessary moisturizing, acquires shine and vitality.

Key features and benefits
Preserves the color of colored hair
Your hair stays clean, light, silky and shiny longer.
Ideal for dry and damaged hair
Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair
Cleansing shampoo - for deep cleansing of hair, suitable for all types of hair
How to use:
- Apply a small amount of shampoo to hair and rub for 2 minute. To enhance the effect, massage and leave the shampoo on your head for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
- For long lasting results must apply Trim Hair Intense Hydrating Mask.

Customer Reviews (334)

The best shampoo

Verified Purchase

I use this shampoo for 3 years and will not trade for anything. Very good foams, is consumed economically, perfectly cleanses and heals hair.

A quality remedy for dandruff

Verified Purchase

Shampoo fights well with dandruff, hair light and bulky. Suitable for dry hair. I use 2 times a week. Like all products with nettles, it is very good for dark hair - the hair gets a mysterious sheen and silky. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Cleans, fights with loss, stimulates growth 2018-09-11

Verified Purchase

I use shampoo more than three years. One of the most effective cleansers for oily hair. I apply every day. The scalp is very well cleansed, it slows down hair loss. Plant components stimulate their growth. Hair grows like a leap. My hairdresser is not upright. Take it, you will not regret it. Very high-quality products.

Shampoo is created by someone with oily hair 2018-01-05

Verified Purchase

I use shampoo 3 months. I used to use different companies before ... now I believe that cosmetics really works to eliminate my problems with oily and dull hair ... finally my hair is no longer greasy and curvy….

Ideal for oily hair - 2018-01-08

The head is clean and fresh for 2 days (but this result after prolonged use, not instantly). The hair does not overdry. For my fatty hair, an ideal shampoo. the expenditure is economical. It's nice to smell of herbs.

prasannahere - 2018-01-09

Verified Purchase

Got delivered within 3 days from Coimbatore to Bangalore. Package and delivery was good and prompt. Started using and within 4 days hairfall has significantly stopped and I will comment after 15 days if there is a growth as I prefer to make a straightforward comment without any prejudices and hatreds.

suryaraisingsun - 2018-01-10

Verified Purchase

I am getting itching and became dull my hair after 7 Days applied. Liquid is not coming from the bottle hole due to some particles inside, is it duplicate product or original? please suggest anybody to me to proceed further. i am going to marry this year.

sk_kannan04 - 2018-01-11

Verified Purchase

I started using the oil with half mind but to my surprise, new hair started coming from the bald areas by end of second week that too at faster rate. I confidently comb my hair now and then with least worry on hairfall. This product have changed my confidence level and vvoiding any shampoo products will increase the effect as far as I have seen. I strongly recommend this to others as well.

devraj.manoj - 2018-01-21

Verified Purchase

I have used 3 bottles so far and I will surely recommend this product. 10dayshairoil is best for dandruff, hair fall reduces drastically and new hair also grow. Do not expect that you’ll get back all your lost hair overnight. Complete hair restoration might not be possible but don’t you find this product worthy if it saves your existing hair and re-grows some hair. I crush one piece of garlic in the oil every day and then apply on the scalp. As garlic also effectively treat hair loss. There are some negative reviews here as I also think that it may not suit to everyone. But in my case its working. I would like to suggest to every teenager to take care of your hair as early as possible. Do not wait till last moment. The earlier you start caring your hair, the thicker your hair will be.

ARVIND - 2018-06-04

Verified Purchase

I am speechless. This oil is a miracle. My review will give hope to lakh of people who are in fourtees and suffering from hair loss. I am a 48 years old. My upper head part was almost bald and I had no hope of getting them back. Even 10dayshairoil customer care was also not sure that I will get any help. I just purchased it to stop any further hair loss by seeing the positive reviews . I have just used 1 and half bottles in last 2 months and see the magic. Hair fall completely stopped . Hair has become more black and thick. Surprisingly half of the bald area is covered with new hair. Amazing. Believe me it's 100 PERCENT true.